I began concentrating on professional still-photography in 1985, in my native Scotland. Specialising in photographing artists working in theatre and dance, from the start of my career my images were seen everywhere: as posters, billboards and in brochures; in all U.K. National newspapers including The Guardian, The Times and The Independent; and in magazines.

This success led to a commission from The British Council which took me to Poland in 1991 where I photographed theatre productions there. I began exhibiting my work in Edinburgh at this time.

Later I was commissioned as official photographer to The Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, the largest performing-arts festival in the World.

I re-located to the United States, where I lived from 1991-2002. In America I continued working with countless professional and independent performance companies, the resulting images being published in newspapers including The New York Times, The Village Voice, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. I also exhibited my work regularly in art-centres, universities, and galleries.

For America Online/Time Warner I photographed over 6000 locations in towns and cities on the east coast of America, including New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Harrisburg. These images are published online. For Philadelphia newspapers and concert-promoters I photographed many of the World's best-known rock musicians including David Bowie, Prince, Morrissey, Oasis and The Who.

I then lived and worked in London, England, where I created imagery for many productions by English National Opera.

I currently live and work in France, where I have been showing my work to a new audience. I am seeking any opportunities to show my work so please don't hesitate to get in touch with ideas, wherever you may be.

Further information is available via e-mail. images@jonstark.com