For 25 years I have exhibited my work. From Theatre Workshop and Netherbow Theatre in Edinburgh to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts in Philadelphia, London's South Bank Centre and most recently in France, where I now live. I have always looked for new ways to present my work: collage; distressed colour prints; animated slide projections; toned prints; subtly out-of-focus images.

My most recent prints have been exhibited in England (2008) and France(2009). Although traditional black and white hand-made prints, the techniques I employ in the darkroom are less than traditional: distorting the light as it exposes on the paper to bring a more subtle, timeless quality and mystery to each print.

I am always interested in new exhibition opportunities so please don't hesitate to e-mail me with ideas or offers. Wherever you may be. I will be happy to supply more examples of my exhibition work if required.