As a professional photographer I've worked with some truly brave people since 1985: independent performing artists. By putting their work on stage or elsewhere they seek out their unique audience. Finding success is secondary to getting the work seen, heard, felt, smelt or tasted. So here's a little taste of their sweat and toil captured with my camera.

I search these people out. I make pictures. The pictures are printed in newspapers and magazines, and on posters. I had pictures of independent artists published in all of the major UK newspapers within two years of picking up my first camera. Sorry to brag but that's a fact and I'm proud of it. This exposure of my subjects' work helps them to widen their audience. In turn I widen my own audience by showing the photographs in galleries and here on this site for you to see.

Can you get through it on your own? I know this site can be a little difficult on smaller computer there's an ice-cream for the person who manages to navigate it without asking their mummy for help (the menu is at the top of this and every page).

If you've got it to spare, spend a little time here with us all. A 25 year trip from Edinburgh to Philadelphia and then London. I now continue my search and explore new ways of working...somewhere in France. If you want to visit a slickly designed web-site then go to one offering banking options. My work is strong. This is my work. Welcome. Come on in.

Jon Stark, 2010. (Now choose what you'd like to see from the menu at the top of this page)